To my lovely wife -

How beautiful it is to see you spread your wings and fly on the wind of God’s plan for you. How proud I am to watch you as you fine-tune hearing the voice of God over the loud and consistently negative voices that say it can’t be done! Thanks for your unfailing love to God, to me and to your family. I got your back as you have always had mine! This is only the beginning! Love you!
— Andrew A. Wilson Sr.
This is good stuff! It is inspirational, informing, instructional, and comforting. I can identify with a lot written, but there’s still work for me to do. Seeking GOD and all He has to offer is what I desire. What you have written will help me and many others and I thank you for it.
— Marvin Johnson
I must say, we are so proud of you for being brave enough to walk in the path that God has led you to. More than anything I thank you for your obedience to God. There is nothing more exciting than reading your weekly inspirations. God has taken your time of preparation and launched you into a position of power and influence. May those who read this book find this not to be just one more book to read, but a tool to encourage everyone that reads it to go wholeheartedly after all that God has for them.
— Pastor William A. & First Lady Julia I. Covington
Christine shares an intimate account of becoming authentically engaged in her personal relationship with God. She uses her life experiences to pull the reader into a state of personal reflection as well as inspires the curious spectator to consider embracing God’s plan for their life. Her eloquent use of words and vividly painted images captivate the reader to follow along with her on this literary journey. This book will catapult you to become Authentically You and to be all that you were created to be!
— Minister Felicia Lucas, Best Selling International Author, Inspirational Speaker, Empowerment Coach


My Prayer

Dear Lord,

Thank you for every single person who has made it to this website. Please allow everyone who comes in contact with my website, my book, or any of my expressions of inspiration, to experience the joy of trusting you with their passions and dreams. You are the creator of the universe; so we trust you to manifest your creation inside of us!